#Laugh (2016)

#Laugh is a global collaborative art project to be launched in 2016 that will result in the first piece of art to be created in space, when it’s printed on a zero-gravity 3D-printer aboard the International Space Station. 

The project began in 2014, when Eyal Gever, the renowned digital artist and entrepreneur with more than 18 years experience in developing proprietary 3D technologies, took a phone call from Made in Space - the NASA contractor founded in 2010 with the goal of “enabling humanity’s future in space” - in which he was offered the opportunity to become the first artist to make art in space.

‘What would you do if you could create art in zero gravity?’ was the challenge they set him.

If humanity is one day soon to thrive in space -- argue Made In Space Inc., then creating art and culture in space, is equally as important as sending out people and the technology to support them.

Gever knew that the project carried onerous responsibilities and that the subject he chose would have to have universal appeal, that was neither country nor culturally-specific. After working on a range of ideas, he settled on #Laugh -- a 3D sculpture fabricated from a sound simulation of crowd-sourced laughter.

People from all around the world can record themselves laughing, visualize it via an app and share it with their friends. The laughter with the most shares and retweets after three months will be sent to the International Space Station to be 3D-printed and then released into orbit.

“The earliest cave paintings were of human hands which were a way of proclaiming and celebrating the presence of humanity,” says Gever.

“#Laugh will be the 21st century version of that -- a mathematically-accurate encapsulation of human laughter, simply floating through space, waiting to be discovered.”