Water Dancer live performance at old Jaffa Port

Water Dancer at Jaffa Port - andromeda test Sunday, October 6 2019 Music Rosey Chan Dancer Sharon Eyal Gai Behar Commission Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality @@tel.aviv.yafo Production Gilli Cegla Yuval Kedem — in Jaffa, Israel.

Sunset with my Water dancer @Tel Aviv dolphinarium beach commission by Tel Aviv municipality for the Eurovision 2019 - ❤️�� Credits: Commission by the city of Tel Aviv for the Eurovision week Dancer: sharon Eyal Music: Ariel Levinsohn AMP, Overgrown Sea water screen: Yuval ‘K’ Kedem, Galileo. Projection & sound: AVS. Prudction: Gilli Cegla #eurovision2019 #telaviv #art #eyalgever #sharoneyaldance — ‎attending Water & Fire Dancer by Eyal Gever - popup installation at ‎חוף דולפינריום‎.
Here is a video of a live performance of my art work WaterDancer at Habia square (captured by my bro Yoram Zak). The dancer is my close friend the most talented - the one and only Sharon Eyal Gai Behar who dances to the music of super talented music of Ariel Levinsohn AMP, Overgrown Big thanks to: DLD Conference Innovation Festival Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality Installation production: Gilli CeglaCegla Installation setup: Yuval Kedem Kedem Video projection: Rimoninio